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Migraine Recall Excedrin InfoIf you’ve been gone for months, or haven’t paid attention to the news, you missed a huge story in the medical and prescription medication worlds: last year, Excedrin recalled thousands of their pills and products for migraine sufferers, because a good deal of their boxes and pill bottles had been tampered with, opened, destroyed, and otherwise injured during the manufacturing and shipping processes. While that may not seem like a big deal in the long run (hey, stuff gets messed up during shipping, deal with it, make it safe, and move forward), it nevertheless is a huge issue that needs to be discussed and analyzed, especially as you determine whether or not you should even take on this medication.

Think twice about Excedrin again before you use it blindly, due to safety concerns

Recalling an entire medication is no small feat, and it’s no small task for those who manufacture the medication to call back everything they have ever made as they try to make the entire process a bit safer for you. But that’s exactly what they did with this prescription medication, as it was called back and entirely recalled a year ago to get the manufacturing process safer and more foolproof. Is that really a medication you want to take again, now that it’s back on the market? After all, Excedrin is a good headache medication, but if it’s been tampered with, and products and pill bottles have been opened in the past, who is to say they won’t once again be opened over time?

Talk to your doctor about your concerns with Excedrin and its packaging problems

The best thing you can do is to talk to your doctor about these issues with this medication, and find a good alternative solution that can allow you to relieve yourself of your migraines and other problems, without having to deal with the dangerous problems of an opened or otherwise tampered medication. Your doctor can provide high quality prescription drugs that can work wonders for your headaches and other issues, without being concerned about over the counter medications that can be destroyed and tampered with when it comes to your personal use, and in turn, your quality of life and overall Recall Info Migraine Medicationhealth.

Over the counter medications like Excedrin are dangerous; do you know who has handled what you put in your body?
This issue, and the recall itself, proves just how dangerous an over the counter medication like this really is to patients and consumers. Do you really know who is handling your medications? How do you know that nothing has been tampered with or otherwise altered before you use it and put it in your body? Excedrin is surely to blame here for their lack of oversight and lack of awareness of this problem, as it undoubtedly could have damaged and hurt many lives; do you really want to go back to this medication after their history of poor decisions, poor manufacturing, and lax safety concerns for you, the consumer and patient?

Is The Excedrin Recall Still On & Should I Be Worried

Is The Excedrin Recall Still Active?

Excedrin Recall MigraineIf you were living under a rock for the past few months, or otherwise missed Excedrin’s recall announcement in any way, here’s what you need to know: way back in January 2012, the folks who make the popular headache medicine Excedrin realized that a significant number of their packages and pills had been damaged and tampered with by accident during manufacturing and shipping.

Major Safety Concerns
Obviously, these safety concerns prompted Excedrin to look at their overall work and flow with products and production, and they came to realize that they were missing some pretty key issues and problems in their manufacturing process. For that, they shut down production and issued a recall at once, to ensure that no other tainted products entered the product stream or could possibly harm customers in any way.

This Took Place Back January 2012

That recall happened in January of 2012, and it was recently lifted and completely ended in November, just a few months ago. So, to answer the initial question, no – you need not be worried about Excedrin or any future recall issues from them, as they have taken care of this problem and moved forward with a far safer manufacturing process than otherwise would have occurred.

Senior couple relaxing in armSenior couple relaxing in armchairsYou Don’t Need To Be Concerned
You should not be worried about the recall or any harm from any potential products, either; Excedrin worked closely with the Food and Drug Administration to ensure that their products would meet certain standards after the recall, and they only lifted the recall because they were very confident that their products undoubtedly met these standards and were available and safe for the public to use.

They Made Major Changes To Their Processes

Furthermore, Excedrin has changed their processes to ensure that their recall will no longer be an issue, and they will no longer have damaged pills or broken bottles in any way when it comes to dealing with their customers, patients, and frequent users. It is back as one of the leading headache medications out there today, and you can rest assured that they will provide great service and a wonderful product that will meet all of your needs when it comes to curing and avoiding headaches, and more.

For More Information On This Recall
For more information on the Excedrin Recall, one of the best places to go to be informed is your doctor, or another medical professional. They can tell you more specifics about whether or not the  recall should concern you, as well as giving you information about alternatives to this itself if you have any concerns about the medication and are seeking something else to use in its place for your own headache needs and issues.

Excedrin Back On Shelves RecallWith This Being Said, Its Back On The Shelves
That being said, though, Excedrin is back! Any store that carries it has a fully functioning supply of new, safe and secure bottles and medications, and you can rest assured knowing that your pills recently purchased are fully safe, vetted, and more. Take this migraine medicine as directed, and watch your headache issues disappear and your quality of life drastically improve thanks to the medication.

When & Why The Recall

When and Why did Excedrin Recall?

migraine-headache-recall-excedrinIn January 2012, the popular headache & migraine relief medicine Excedrin was taken off the shelves and participated in a voluntary recall. While that medicine is back on shelves and back in stores as of December 2012, it is nevertheless important to understand why it was removed in the first place, whether or not you are in any danger with taking the medication now, and what you should look for in the future with Excedrin and other headache medications.

Why Was Excedrin Recalled In The First Place?Initially, Excedrin participated in a voluntary recall because some of their packages were found to contain stray and un-accounted for tablets that had been wrought loose in shipping, as well as other tablets that were from other products and medications, and even broken tablets that had spilled their contents into the bottle and elsewhere.

Manufacturing Error
While this is a manufacturing error of some magnitude, Excedrin felt confident enough after checking their processes with getting pills to market that their bottles and tablets were once again safe in December 2012 to be placed back on store shelves. In the meantime, though, customers had to watch very carefully for stray tablets, broken tablets, affected bottles, and other pills in their medication.

What Can I Learn From The Excedrin Recall?
First and foremost, always check your medications to ensure that they are fully enclosed inside the bottle or capsule, and that every pill is accounted for, looks safe, and appears normal with no negative effects. Check to make sure that every bottle of pills you purchase remains unhampered and unopened until you – and only you – break the seal to consume the pills yourself.

Excedrin Broken BottlesBottles Might Break
Many pill bottles may break during manufacturing or shipping, and while these are honest and unfortunate mistakes, they nevertheless can affect your life if pills are inadvertently switched or mixed up, or you have other issues with taking pills at an improper time or during a bad time of day.

Is Excedrin OK To Take Again, Though?
Yes. Beginning in December 2012, Excedrin stopped their voluntary recall and continued manufacturing, producing, distributing and selling pills to the mass market across the country and the world. They have checked and made more secure their manufacturing processes, and are confident that they have created a foolproof system that won’t see another issue like that again.

If You Feel Your Pills Have Been Tampered With
Nevertheless, if you feel as though your pills have been damaged or somehow otherwise tampered with, it is important to get immediately to a doctor or medical professional to ensure that what you are taking will not harm you, and has not already done irreparable harm to you.

 Excedrin Migraine BottlesStop Consuming Them Immidietly
Stop consuming whatever pill in question may have been tampered with or broken, and if necessary, contact the Food and Drug Administration immediately in order to put them on alert for possible tampering issues with medications and other pills and potions. It is critical that you act swiftly, as even a relatively benign medication like Excedrin can cause major problems when it comes to improper packaging.

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